As international governments begin to distance themselves from blanket policies recommending remote working where possible, you have likely been exposed to countless “return-to-work” surveys completed by employees across the investment management industry. The financial press is littered with stories of firms either staunchly opposed to augmented “post-pandemic” work practices or those at the opposite end of the spectrum who are proposing sweeping changes to the working world.

These perspectives are well documented and largely paint the same picture of employees longing for flexibility and of firms either embracing or resisting those requests.  Our clients across the asset management community have done multiple employee surveys to get a sense on what their staff would like to be “the new normal”; however, many in leadership positions want to know what working practices their peers are going to implement. With most firms allocating team heads discretionary autonomy over how their teams will operate going forward, Magellan have gone out into the market to gauge the sentiment of these individuals to find out what they feel would be the optimal work environment as we emerge from the state-imposed work-from-home environment.

We have received information from leaders at 62 asset management houses.  Respondents to our survey are managing teams within Distribution or Investments or are a member the senior leadership team (C-Suite).

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