The following is a statement from The Diversity Project and #TalkAboutBlack:

“Over the last few weeks there have been a number of racially charged incidents in the U.S. The killings of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, and the actions of Amy Cooper, who held a senior role in the asset management industry, are a stark reminder of the disparity that exists between minority black communities and the white majority. These incidents are shocking and the resulting protests are yet another cry by a marginalised group of people that are still reeling from the impact of the Coronavirus.

It is easy to assume that these cases are unique to the U.S., but the UK has suffered years of deaths of black people in police custody and the accompanying social and economic deprivation.

The Diversity Project and #Talkaboutblack have been attempting to not only increase the representation of black and ethnic minorities in the investment and savings industry, but also to highlight the structural obstacles that persist. Today, we launch the #IAM campaign to raise awareness of the issue, humanise the lives and experiences of black people and to fight against reductive stereotypes. The campaign is being led by senior black professionals from the industry who demonstrate that it can be done. We also recognise that to move forward and progress requires standing together to level the playing field.

How can individuals get involved?

The #IAM campaign, which will run across LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter seeks to mobilise black people and non-black allies to post a picture of themselves answering the question “what are you?” using the hashtag #IAM. Examples include: I AM an ally, I AM shocked, I AM strong. To create more traction and encourage others to share, they are asking individuals to tag five people and ask “what are you?”

We are also holding a virtual event on the 10th of June at 5pm BST to discuss this social media campaign and practical ways to make a difference. Register to attend here.”

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